About Us

Our people are passionate about technology and the positive impact it can have on people and organisations. What makes us unique is that we focus on getting to know you and your business first.

Once we understand you and your business, we can then start working on finding a technology solution that best suits your needs. That is where the fun begins!

Business Analysis

We care about the projects we work on. We dedicate a lot of time to understand the people we work with and their goals.

Software Engineering

No matter if we talk about algorithms, patterns or objects our experienced team engineers the most effective solution for you..

Network Engineering

We are committed to have all your network operations run smoothly. You cannot lose your connectivity and your priority network..

Project Management

We know how tasks are planned and written. Our plans cover the entire project lifecycle and you will be part of it, tracking every..

Development Operations

We are an international team not only speaking but also coding in many languages. The technologies we master are ranging from desktop computing..

Product Management

Stuck with your idea? Who can better help you than a team with a proven track record of delivering application ready to be modern - tomorrow..


Projects for your revenue.


Finished Projects

We deliver a project with care.


line of code

Bugfree is the keyword here.



If needed we go on all night!



Our team has worked with a number of clients all around the globe and helped them achieve their goals. The range of products we have delivered is wide.

Total percentage of all projects done with a technology

C / C++




Web (PHP / Python)


Frontend (Javascript/HTML/CSS)



Project Showcase

  • A modern communication suite buit for web, desktop and mobile, allowing users to exchange text messages, send each other files and rich media content or organize a video conference. Built with AngularJS, Python, PHP, C++ and Java.
  • An easy to use online hard drive extending the expectations of a standard web storage. You can use your files to collaborate with others and share them with those who can only see them or with those who can also edit them. If you store your photos as well, you'll be able to see them in a timeline gallery.
  • A backoffice ready for expansion, that’s what was requested to be built for this project. This combined with the development based on the Fibonacci algorithm for Fibonacci, was a huge accomplishment.
  • A backoffice for a financial product is always tricky and needs to be handled with care. The Tradeland backoffice fetches trades automatically and special algorithms were built to have the right calculations for several compensation plans.
  • Iriscall requested a backoffice with several compensation plans, 3 types of Affiliate bonuses, a binary, and a fast track bonus. All those need to be controlled by an admin, need to be able to have all kinds of overviews, going from financial to user management.

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